Dr. Michael Schwind studied electrical engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt and business administration at the Goethe University Frankfurt. After graduating in industrial engineering as Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. and holding a position as Quantitative Researcher and Financial Analyst at the Liechtenstein Global Trust he joined the team of Prof. Dr. König at the Chair for Business Administration, esp. Information Systems. Michael Schwind recieved his PhD degree with a thesis about "Dynamic Pricing and Automated Resource Allocation for Complex Information Services" in 2006. In the following 2½ years Dr. Michael Schwind was Assistant Professor at the Chair for Business Information Systems and Operations Research at the Technical University Kaiserslautern. Since May 2009 he is responsible for the Chair of IT-based Logistics at the Goethe University Frankfurt funded by the Detlef Hübner foundation and D.Logistics. The major research goal at this chair is the development of IT-based optimization methods that enable collaboration in the transportation business. The research is conducted jointly with PickPoint AG in the state funded project KolOptNet. Further interests of Dr. Michael Schwind range from Dynamic Pricing, esp. by using Combinatorial Auctions, to the agent-based simulation of financial markets, e.g. the Frankfurt Artificial Stock Market.